The Birthday Breakdown

Holy Age-Defying Facial Moisturizer – is that another wrinkle?

As many of you know, yesterday was my birthday. It was also my little friend C’s second birthday, the birthday of my friend L, a friend of a friend, T, J’s mom’s birthday, and the birthdays of, get this: the Nugget cashier’s brother, cousin, and friend. April 3rd is a very popular day.

Because of me, of course.

So, here’s the breakdown of highlights, including getting carded by the Nugget cashier (YES!).

As a nod to my earlier years, I requested hot dogs and macaroni and cheese for my birthday dinner.

My in-laws brought princess cake from Victoria Pastry for dessert.

Princess Cake!

If you haven’t had princess cake before, I suggest you march on over to Victoria Pastry and get yourself some. It’s got marzipan icing covering triple-sec-soaked sponge cake, with whipped cream, vanilla custard, and raspberry filling. My mouth is watering. Z’s distracted. I think I’ll just sneak over to the refrigerator with my fork and…ah. Goodness. (Such goodness we couldn’t refrain from chopping it up and eating it before I could get a photo of it intact. Well, this way you can see the middle.)

Even though I thought my laptop was my Christmas-and-birthday combo present, Husband has spoiled me again, with this antique ring:

The moonstone is surrounded by the prettiest lavender gemstone…and he can’t remember what the lavender stones are called. I’m not complaining!

I even snuck some writing time into the day, and am nearly ready to submit my manuscript to my critique partners for their hawk-eyes to read and their hawk-beaks to rend to pieces. Gulp.

It was an awesome birthday, and while Husband guessed my birthday candle wish was a book and movie deal for my manuscript, it wasn’t. Because I’m not superstitious enough to stop myself, I’ll tell you what my wish was: for more birthdays just as happy as this one.

It’s a blurry shot, but you get the idea. Husband will never stop teasing me for “getting old.” That’s okay. As much as we complain about getting older, the alternative is not perfectly fabulous, either.

Happy Birthday, Everyone!


  1. Dana · April 4, 2011

    Hot dogs and mac & cheese was the best kids’ dinner EVER! Except maybe for English muffin pizzas.

    Now I want English muffin pizzas.

    Gorgy ring, too.

  2. Vicki · April 4, 2011

    Oooh – happy birthday, Beth! that cake looks delish – holy smokes, love the decorations! my 40th is next year…i may just have to take a peek at that bakery & “plan” that part of my day!! glad to hear it was a good birthday – they tend to get “less good” as the years go by – but when they’re good, then it’s even more special. 🙂 i’m fighting a cold & pink eye – hope that made sense!!

  3. Randi · April 6, 2011

    Sorry I missed being with you on this special day! Can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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