What You Eat

Is there such a thing as a McDonald’s hangover? Because I think I have one.

After reading Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food, I jumped right onto the big green bandwagon sporting the bumper sticker “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” The growing dependence I’d developed on soda when I worked at the restaurant (like, seven years ago) was the first to go, and I planted a mini winter garden in awesome redwood planter boxes my dad made for me. (My winter garden is mostly lettuce, and a few struggling beets. Nobody even likes beets.)

Yesterday before the writer’s group meeting I ate an apple in an attempt to safeguard against any unhealthful food temptation. After the meeting, though, I needed something. And what I spied first was McDonald’s. Bummer. Husband and I had sworn that place off years ago after watching Super Size Me. Then during the first trimester of my pregnancy, those crappy cheeseburgers (and those fries–oh, those fries!) were the only things I could even consider eating. Sometimes I wonder how Z is as healthy as she is.

So after eating (mostly) good things for the past couple of months, I do the McDonald’s drive-through. This morning? I feel terrible. Totally disgusting. I couldn’t even get out of bed (okay, so that at least is normal). Next time I’m tempted by fast food, I hope I remember how fast it makes me feel terrible.


  1. Dana · February 12, 2010

    Your body has rejected McDonald’s! But that’s fake food anyway. I’m sure it’d be fine with In n Out (in moderation).

    I used to love McD’s sausage mcmuffins, but now they make me feel gross. The only thing I can eat there now for breakfast are the hash browns.

    • bethhull · February 12, 2010

      As gross as I feel now, a sausage McMuffin sounds good. The addiction goes deeper than I thought.

      • Dana · February 12, 2010

        I still need to work on the “not too much” and “mostly plants.” The other stuff seems to be going okay for me. I try to avoid HFCS as much as possible.

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