I’m a writer living in northern California. I’ve sold clothing and kitchenware, waited tables, managed a bookstore, taught ninth-grade English and English to speakers of other languages, and birthed two children (not all in the same day). I graduated from Dominican University of California with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English emphasizing Creative Writing, and earned my Master’s Degree in Linguistics from UC Davis.

Some of my short stories have been published in Bourbon Penn and Cast of Wonders. Also, I was a PitchWars mentor in 2016 and 2017.

Here are some of my favorite words:

epiphany, compassion, symphony, nectar, lackadaisical, tone, skullduggery, lavender, bride, sesquipedalian (had to look up the spelling of that one), lullaby, ancient, ocean, defenestrate, haruspex (although I can’t remember what it means), joy, blackbird.

(I overuse parentheses.)

I’ve stopped blogging and Facebooking and Twittering so I can focus on writing books. Feel free to browse the archives here, or find me in the archives over at the YA Muses. If you want to see some of my more popular writing posts, here are a few links:

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