Wish You Were Here!

This is a very quick post to let my Studio Audience (that’s you) know that the Ever-Suffering Mother (that’s me) and her Entourage (i.e. Husband, Z, and the in-laws) will be on vacation for the next week and a half. I thought of compiling a best-of series of posts to go up while I’m away, but it seems egotistical. And I’m lazy.

I also thought of writing a whole bunch of posts ahead of time and having them go up while I’m gone. But again.


So, miss me lots, and I will be missing you, and probably I’ll be going batty without my email and website for so long. Insanity only adds to my creative drive, though, so there’ll be plenty of good stuff when I get back.

Now, it’s back to the packing I’ve been so good about putting off.


  1. Dana · July 21, 2010

    Have fun!

  2. Vicki R. · July 22, 2010

    Have a great trip! We should get together at a park or in my backyard for a playdate when you get back!

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