I Kinda Miss the Little Monster

It’s been said before. In fact, I say it all the time: Absence makes the heart grow fonder. And I know I just dreamed of quiet, with lots of time to myself, the kind I used to have B. Z. (Before Z). But it’s really quiet.

And when she comes home, she doesn’t necessarily want to hang out with me. It could be she’s burnt out from being around people at school all day. Or I’m just not fun. (Maybe both.) Or she really missed her toys. Yes, that’s it. She does love having adventures with her imaginary friends.

8:15 to 3:15 makes a long day. And I’m typing away, being all productive and so on. Even cleaned the shower this morning!

Well, whatever nostalgia I’m feeling now will surely end next week. No school at all, plus what I’m sure will be a perfectly lovely, without-any-tantrums six-hour drive to my grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving. And then, two days later, the six-hour drive back home.

So, forget all the above. I’m going to enjoy this quiet. No more naps! I need to stay awake and hear how quiet it is.