Why I Write

Friend and critique partner Jo Hart wrote a post on the Top 5 Reasons Why I Write, and it got me thinking about my own reasons.

1. I’m in love with words. Any language. Ever read a story, poem, or novel, and just hug the book to yourself afterward? And think, “Wow, I can only think ‘wow'”? And sometimes, finding the exact right word for what you mean feels like an adrenaline high? And Word-of-the-Day calendars are great & all, but they only give you 365 words, and that’s not quite enough?

2. Writing feels good. If I can string words together in what I think is a pleasing way, I read them over and over and feel really good. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be a string of words (see above) – it can be one, e.g. “epiphany.”


(Yup, brilliant. Feels good, doesn’t it?)

3. I can’t not write. I’ve always written things down. The only times I’ve imagined a world in which I don’t write are times when I’ve been severely depressed. Which is, you know, not fun for anyone.

4. It’s cathartic. Depressed, bitchy, manic – it all goes into the diary at some point; it all goes into the stories.

5. I’m self-absorbed. If ever fiction fails me, I can fill up diary books (and, sorry, yes, blog posts) all about ME.

6. Sometimes I get an idea or have a dream that I have to write down (e.g. girls sneak out of beautiful city to explore ravaged city full of scary creatures)

7. I’m too in love with office supplies to stop. Notebooks, diaries, pens, markers, dry erase boards, index cards…writing is a great excuse to buy these things.

So, how about you?