Maroon Curtains: SOLD

Part of Momming Around is navigating the crap collected throughout day to day existence (read: the crap collected during Emergency Trips to Target Because You Need to Distract the Unholy Terror of Screaming Proportions). Add to all that crap the fact that it still doesn’t feel like we’ve moved into this house, and add to that crap all the crap two sets of parents have brought from their homes and deposited into your garage, and you’ve got yourself a Yard Sale.

It feels so…American. So social, so open. Here! I’m going to put everything I can’t stand to even have in my sight out on my driveway for everyone else to look at! It’s ugly and embarrassing, but if there’s a chance you’ll give me fifty cents for it, I totally don’t mind sharing it with the world.

In the end, though, it was all worth it, because this lady took one look at those maroon curtains, draped artfully over some rusty lawn chairs, and asked me how much I wanted for them. She was thrilled. Thrilled! To go home with not only all THREE sets of curtains, but their valances, for $20.

Yes, I’m snickering a little, because I hated them so, and I hated them for so, so long. But at the same time, in the bright light of a Saturday morning, I could see those maroon curtains as something more. More than the gloomy light-blockers they’d been in my living room. Reflected in this woman’s eyes, the curtains were desirable, practical…even (a teeny tiny little bit) pretty.

The saga with the maroon curtains (and the Gaylord Perry bobbleheads, and the big, big rug) is finally over.

Does anyone need a palm pilot?