Quiet Weekend

Husband took Z to his parents’ house yesterday. This was my very first night sleeping in bed–by myself–in eighteen months. I know, weird. I love Husband, and I love Z, but I also love solitude, and that’s been so, so rare since Z was born. She’s fabulous, she’s so funny and outgoing. She’s also awake. A lot. Never stops moving. Blocks and books are the only things that can get her to sit still–that, and high-chair prison (her sentence while I shower in the mornings).

So while I miss her (and Husband too), I have absolutely loved my weekend of alone-time. I read, and wrote, and read some more. I watched “Saturday Night Fever,” which was a mistake except for the short part where Travolta actually dances well (in addition to my “don’t kill the dog/cat” rule of storytelling, I also believe rape scenes should be skipped over).

It’s sad and happy at the same time to imagine the thundering of little feet on the floors when she comes home.

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  1. Vic · February 7, 2010

    Oh how I can relate! Both of my boys are “non-sleepers” as well. Oddly I miss them so much if I am away for longer than 6 hours (which is rare, but it happens). That’s weird to me, as I would think I would LOVE time away from them since I am with them for hours on end.

    But I’m taking my first get-away since L’s birth in 2 weeks – 2 nights, 3 days away. It will be hard, but it’s also very necessary. Solitude is so important for the mind, the soul, the eyes so they’ll stay open & not look bloodshot! How lovely that your Z can be spending that time with family she loves, even if she is away from you for awhile.

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