Number Two

Number Two is a popular topic. It’s talked of between Husband and me, amongst all the play group moms, with the grandparents. Who has one, who wants one, who–oops!–made one accidentally.

It’s really too bad that my euphemism for a second child is also the euphemism for defecation. The two are very separate in my mind…mostly.

The thing is, I finally feel like I’ve gotten a handle on this whole being-a-mother thing. On a good day, that is. Only on a very good day. I’m tired all the time, still don’t get enough personal space or enough time to write, and frankly, I’m a very cranky person. Adding a new baby into the mix sounds like a batch of the terrible pumpkin bread I made one time when I mistook the teaspoon abbreviation for tablespoon on the recipe and put in way more baking soda than required. You see? More is not necessarily better.

On the other hand, I loved being pregnant. And this isn’t as uncommon as you might think. What’s not to love about being huge with purpose and able to eat pretty much everything in sight? There’s a surprise inside, a little being growing, just by virtue of your own existence. For awhile, you are not one, but two. I loved the head trip of the whole experience, not to mention the Dairy Queen trips. (Yes I know ice cream is not the best fuel for growing a little body, but try telling me that when I’m in the third trimester and see if you keep your limbs.)

On the third hand (the one I took from you when you suggested I back off on the Dairy Queen Blizzards), Z could totally use a little playmate. A) I could get away with even more slacker-mom time, and B) her demeanor just begs for more people, all the time. She’s a little extrovert. I’m still puzzling over where she got that personality disorder…er, I mean…trait.

And on the fourth hand (the one I took from Husband when he couldn’t drive me to Dairy Queen that one time, so I had to drive myself and stand in line by my pregnant self and feel very self-conscious of what a bad mom-to-be I was), Number Two can be anybody. With my luck, Number Two will sleep even less than Z does. And s/he could scream even more, if that’s humanly possible. While I dread it now, I would feel the same as I do with Z. She’s aggravating, sure, but I’d never send her back. And that’s how it’ll be with another child…if Husband ever talks me into Number Two.


  1. Sevennblue · February 24, 2010

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. What to do what to do about number two! Hey! Most writers have multiples right?

  2. Randi · February 24, 2010

    I don’t bug you, do I? Although I have to say that it would give you more writing material! I’m all for it…enough said (for now, since I am going to go to bed!) Love you!

    • bethhull · February 25, 2010

      No, Mama, you don’t bug me about #2!

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  4. Dana · February 25, 2010

    Be careful with #2. I’m not there to do emergency KFC/In n Out runs for you any more. 😦

  5. Vicki R. · March 1, 2010

    Sounds just like me when we were (finally) contemplating #2. For a VERY long time we were convinced D would be an only child; solely because of the terrible sleep situation. But he was just like Z – LOVED being around other kids. I couldn’t imagine not giving him the opportunity to have a sibling.

    Then he turned 2 & life became easier – seriously. I have no idea what the gripe about 2 is!! Hubbs & I always say that if we had waited to try for #2 until after D was 2.5, L would never exist. It was quite a lovely time when D was 2 until about 2.5.

    And yes, most of my “worries” came true with #2 – terrible sleeper, though not as bad as D. Even more strong-willed, which I just didn’t think was possible, & is a much louder kid. (aka, screams a LOT).

    BUT, there’s something about having experience as a mom that all of that stuff just doesn’t hit me the same way as it would if L was #1. I know it will pass & I know we can handle it.

    Good luck!

  6. Neda · March 2, 2010

    How much do I love this post! All I can say is that at this point in my life, I am so happy that I have two so I don’t have to have this debate anymore! Husband and I had this debate until Alex was three. Then there was this window when we let our guard down and decided to go for it. And before we could get it back up again the child was on its way.

    No regrets 😉

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