Scrub Free or Die!

I don’t know what moron installed our shower. This is a good thing, because if I knew who that person was, I would make that person scrub the shower.

I actually don’t mind cleaning the bathrooms. It isn’t a chore I embrace, naturally, but I’d rather scrub the shower once a week than wash the dishes every damn day. (Fine, I’ll confess. I don’t scrub the shower once a week. We’re lucky if I do it every other week. But it’s only because the dishes will not go away!)

But this shower? This shower is stupid.

Now, I normally would not have such crude graphics, but at least this beats photographs of the real thing (ewww). Plus, our computer crashed (every precious word I ever typed on it was backed up, so no worries other than the $300 bill for fixing it). I’m at this moment using an ancient lap top that doesn’t have an SD drive ?! and don’t have a scanner hooked up to it either. So bear with me.

The Stupid Shower Viewed From the Side

This little dip between the shower floor and the drain reminds me of a moat dividing a castle from surrounding lands. But because the water just sits there, we end up with lots of yuckiness:

Nasty soap scum in stupid shower

Like a moat, there could be dragons in it. (Wait, do moats have dragons? Or monsters? Or something else entirely?)

Monster living in shower moat

So periodically (not once a week, mind you) I have to go into the bathroom armed with a rag, scrub brush, and Scrub Free, which is the cleaner that came with the house, and smells sort of like a combination of car exhaust and moat-dwelling dragon farts.

And when I’m done scrubbing, the shower looks pretty much the same.

Also, our house seems to be collapsing around our heads, and we’re feeling very discouraged. I would catalog our recent misfortunes, but I’ve used up my hourly allotment of complaints. Until next time.

Oh, and I actually am kinda proud of my Paint graphics. They’re not up to  Hyperbole & a Half standards, but I like them so be gentle.


  1. Dana · November 17, 2010

    Wow, I wish I had cute baby dragons living in my shower!

    Sadly, all I have is soap scum and hard water stains.

    • bethhull · November 17, 2010

      I could make you a cute baby dragon. Using the Paint program was fun.

  2. Neda · November 17, 2010

    Haha, love the illustrations! I can totally imagine the moat around your drain. Which actually would be something Alex would love because he is very into moats and pretty upset that most of the castles we visit here do not have them anymore. I think that shower was made for my child. Want to send it over?

    • bethhull · November 19, 2010

      Alex is welcome to my shower. If you cover the costs of shipping it across the Atlantic, it’s yours. Oh, and I might need a replacement shower or I will lose my friends because I’ll smell so bad.

  3. kymber ensele · November 17, 2010

    I don’t have a moat, but I do have what I would call a “stippled” floor in my shower that can only be cleaned with a toothbrush and magic eraser combination…imagine how often that happens!

    • bethhull · November 19, 2010

      Hehe. Probably about as often as I clean my shower. Which is pretty close to never.

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