The Best Online Art Gallery Ever!

Art speaks to all of us in different ways, but nothing speaks quite so profoundly as a child’s visionary depictions of their worlds. As curator of the Best Online Art Gallery Ever, I feel blessed, nay, privileged, to give the Public access to these ocular delights.

Special thanks to Vicki, Leonie, Ann, Stephanie, and Jo for sharing masterpieces rendered by the special children in their lives.


  1. Vicki · April 6, 2011

    Such wonderful pieces – so much variety, texture, depth & skills – I’m impressed by all of them! Thx for hosting this spectacular event, Beth – very precious, indeed!

  2. Randi · April 6, 2011

    I have been to the Louvre, the Reikes (sp), Met, and more, but this exhibit touched my heart like no other!

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