For Sale: Lovely Maroon Curtains – CHEAP

Photographs were taken. Dances were danced. Phone calls were made. Television crews filmed, newscasters reported. (Well, not really on the filming or news reports. But they should have.)

The maroon curtains are down. Dismantled. An ugly memory.

Excuse me, I’m feeling a little emotional here.

Because not only are the curtains a pile of excreted maroon on the living room floor, but the living room walls are GREEN.  (A happy green, not a mental institution green…except in artificial light. But we have other rooms to hang out in after dark.)

Yup, curtains came down, I painted my little heart out, and voila! I’m not embarrassed when people come to my house anymore!

Does anyone know a blue whale who needs a maroon ball gown?

(For last week’s post, “Marooned,” click here.)


  1. Vicki · May 4, 2011

    Yay for upgrades!!!

  2. Randi · May 4, 2011

    Nothing like a little color on the walls to color your world! I can’t wait to see them! As for the maroon curtains, so happy not to see them!

  3. Neda · May 10, 2011

    My curtains came down too. Not because I painted a wall or anything, but because they are heavy and the kids literally pulled them down and also ripped out the rods from the wall.

    If you ever talk with the blue whale, let her know have material for a cream day dress.

    • Beth Hull · May 10, 2011

      What were they doing, climbing them or something? Wow.

      The blue whale will be pleased. Alternatively, the curtains could make a nice hat for someone over there. I still go back to photos of the hats from The Wedding.

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