Attack of the Radioactive Dog

Despite the fact that I feel bad about making fun of a radioactive dog disposal site and the poor beasts therein, the “comic” really isn’t all that funny. It’s disappointing, and that disappointment has to do with something I’ve learned about writing lately: you take a character you like, get her in lots of trouble, and then have her solve her own problems, usually in a creative or unexpected way.

In this comic, we’ve got a character we like a LOT (ahem, moi, in very big sunglasses), and she’s in lots of trouble. A radioactive dog has escaped the confines of death and its barrel and is skulking toward our heroine while emitting ominous GRRRR sounds. But the end is disappointing, because our heroine has not taken steps to solve her own problem. In fact, she just sits there like some moronic blonde in a horror movie. I’m surprised she doesn’t climb out of the car to investigate the noises, thus rendering herself easier radioactive dog chow.

However, I had limited time to make this comic, and I wanted it to stay on one page of the diary, so I had to end it fast.

No matter the outcome, it was fun. And that’s what writing should be.

How would you end the comic?


I almost forgot! The winner of last week’s giveaway is Megan! She’ll be receiving an ARC of Heidi Ayarbe’s new book, Compulsion, very soon!


  1. Pat · May 13, 2011

    Personallly, I would be GRRRing at those responsible for irradiating the dogs in the first place. Those are the folks I would put in the barrels… (she’s in a charitable mood today)

    • Beth Hull · May 13, 2011

      Yeah, I don’t want to know how the dogs actually got into those barrels. Usually I’m curious enough to ask, but when Husband mentioned the site, I kept my mouth shut. Not curious at all, because I don’t feel like crying.

      Speaking of crying, I’m ready to read Where She Went.

  2. Pat · May 13, 2011

    I just remembered that, many years ago, Davis had a team called The Radioactive Beagles in the very difficult International Eco Challenge. I liked the heroine in your cartoon and, given another page, I’m sure she could have come up with an absolutely amazing solution to her problem.

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