Will Write for Food

Yes, there is trouble in my paradise of free mornings while my angelic little tyke is at preschool. The course my husband teaches got cancelled (damn economy, it was only a matter of time before our family was impacted), so I’m going to be looking for work.

Which led me to wonder: what exactly can I do?

  • write stories (good ones, sometimes)
  • read lots of books, and read fast
  • bake chocolate chip cookies
  • consume vast quantities of chocolate chip cookies
  • critique and edit manuscripts
  • complain about my messy house
  • shush a three-year-old until she finally decides to go to sleep for the night
  • I can totally make friends with cats (just ask my neighbor’s cats – they fell in love with me today when I was locked out of my house…long story)
  • teach English
  • arrange coffee dates with friends
  • compose lullabies (and check dictionary.com when for the millionth time I cannot be sure of how to spell “lullabies” – turns out I was right the first time)
  • write endlessly about myself (last I checked, there was not much of a market for memoirs of people who haven’t really done anything unusual or groundbreaking)
  • speak some Spanish, less French
  • type a gazillion words per minute
  • wear stylish new reading glasses
  • realize when the list is getting boring, and stop a few bullets after that point.

shamlessly advertising me, in my stylish new reading glasses, doing some scholarly lip-pursing

So if anyone out there wants to pay me to do any of those things, well, I’m your girl. Available in the mornings, during not-so-quiet play time, and after eight p.m.


  1. ^H (Sean) · September 17, 2011

    Technical writing? There’s lots of engineers utterly incapable of writing a single sentence in active voice.

  2. Vic · October 1, 2011

    Oh man, that’s a bummer!! Love the reading glasses, very mature, very “smart” looking. Have you decided on anything yet or should I ask to sit at your table next time I eat out somewhere??

    • Beth Hull · October 2, 2011

      Waitressing. Yikes. Been there! Not ready to go back. We haven’t decided on anything, but we should be okay for a year or so. I might have some tutoring work coming my way, so we’ll see….

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