The Lazies

I knew it would happen sooner or later. It always does. I’m working away, feeling fantastic and productive, feeling glorious, and then. BOOM. Attack of the Lazies.

It manifests slowly, sneakily. One night I might rebelliously leave all the dirty dishes in the sink, without even rinsing them off. Then instead of doing something “good,” like critiquing a friend’s manuscript, or getting a blog post ready, I’ll play a game (or fifty) of solitaire on the computer. It’s just one evening of laziness – we’ve all been there, right?

But then the next day, I don’t exercise after dropping Z off from school. I rationalize this, telling myself that having a second breakfast is more important than fainting on the elliptical machine. I further rationalize this by imagining the fainting scenario, complete with knocking myself out on the garage floor, then being unable to pick Z up at noon. And how she’ll be waiting there with her teacher, watching as all the other little kids get to go home with their parents, and “Where’s my mommy?” and how this abandonment will manifest itself in thousand-dollar therapy bills when she’s a tween.

While I eat instead of exercising, I need something to do. Reading while eating is a luxury I don’t get quite as often as I used to (i.e. every meal), so I relish a good book with a good bagel. An hour later, the bagel is long gone, but I’m at a really interesting point in this Margaret Atwood essay, so I better keep going.

Next thing I know, I have half an hour to work on my manuscript before picking up Z. So I stare at my revision to-do list for fifteen minutes. Then it’s too late to actually do anything. So I play a few games of solitaire before turning off the computer.

And so the week progresses. The dishes in the sink pile up. The mountain of monster zucchini piles up. The laundry on the designated Laundry Chair piles up. The kitchen floor is sticky, the refrigerator’s full of expired leftovers, and I don’t even make Z clean up her toys because I feel like such a hypocrite.

Nothing happens. Nothing gets done. It’s a miracle I took the time from my busy life to write this blog post.


  1. kymber ensele · September 28, 2011

    That pretty much describes the essence of my week. Drew is up in Tahoe, toiling away on a fence (for which I begged him to build) and I have been binging on netflix and haven’t even left the house for two days (written any application essays, studied any math or washed any dishes…eek!).

    • Beth Hull · September 28, 2011

      Well, Kymber, maybe Drew is being busy enough for both of you!

      I binged on Netflix yesterday, too. And the day before.

  2. Maggie · September 28, 2011

    That has been the story of my life the past couple of days. I have no incentive to do anything other than read, go to work, and surf the Internet mindlessly.

    Let’s hope our lazies go away soon!

    • Beth Hull · September 28, 2011

      Maybe it’s something in the changing season? And for me, even surfing the internet is difficult. If I come across long blog posts that look interesting, I have to bookmark them for later because I just can’t be bothered. It’s sick, is what it is, when even the “lazy” pastimes require too much effort.

      Yes, I’m hoping for both of us (and Kymber too) that the lazies go away soon!

  3. Vic · October 1, 2011

    Yep – been there many many times. ‘Fact, think I’m still there! Kids do that to me! I’ll close up my computer, grumbling that I still have so much “work” to do & Hubs is like, “what?!? You’re not done yet??” and I’ll be like, “Well…first I was on CNN, then I clicked a link & the last thing I new an hour had gone by & once again I’m not going to be in bed before 10pm so I might as well finish up what I was reading/playing/surfing…”.

    *sigh* right there with ya, sister. :/

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