Friday Five

And more randomness!

1. Poll: How would you feel reading a book in which the main character’s name is Areola (as in, yes, part of the breast)? Would it make you uncomfortable? Would it be funny? Would it make you uncomfortable but it’d be okay if she were nicknamed Ari and went by that for the majority of the story? Would you read a book with her name in the title? Should I just change her name to Ariana and avoid all the awkwardness? Her mom’s a stripper, though, and the story’s pretty whacky, so keep that in mind.

2. When I returned to Wednesday’s post to respond to a comment, Z happened to walk by and see my lovely illustration (which I will put here as well, because I am rather fond of it), and she said, “Oh NO! The Whoofle!” I couldn’t stop laughing, because she wasn’t afraid, just…awed by it, I guess. She later told me that the picture in the computer was a dinosaur because the Whoofle isn’t that big. It turns out the Whoofle is about the size of our cat. It’s brown in the day time and turns black at night.

3. My belly button is still an Innie.

4. I’m having quite a bit of success with Deborah Underwood’s recommendation (given at an SCBWI event in December) to write first, then do email/blog/Facebook/Twitter/other business afterward. My success could also have something to do with FINALLY HAVING THE HOUSE TO MYSELF AGAIN HUZZAH, but it is nice to start writing time off with a clear head, no disappointments or excitements clouding the creative thoughts (and there have been disappointments. A short story “came close” according to the zine editor. Is this better or worse than a flat rejection? I have no answer). Added benefit: on Wednesday I was so excited about all the work I’d gotten done in the morning, that after email/blog business, I turned the computer off and did more writing – finishing the day with ten pages instead of the five that had been my goal.

5. This weekend I get to celebrate Christmas II with my family up in the mountains. It feels strange having it so late, but it gives me a little extra procrastination time for the “homemade” gifts we’re supposed to be doing this year. I admit my “homemade” is really stretching the term, but what’s a little linguistic leeway in the name of Christmas?

Don’t forget to answer the poll in #1. I’m curious what people think.


  1. readingisdelicious · January 6, 2012

    I think if her name was Areola, and you mentioned it in the 1st chapter, and how she got that name, but she went by Ari in the rest of the book, and had Ari in the title, it would be ok. Areola in the title I think is a bit much. I’m sorry!

    • Beth Hull · January 6, 2012

      Don’t be sorry! I’m asking ’cause I want to know – thank you! It was your & Rachel’s comments over lunch that got me wondering about it.

  2. PB Rippey · January 6, 2012

    Coming from someone who knows next to nothing about what you’re writing, I think Areola is hysterical if the mom is a (committed?) stripper and it’s a comedy.
    Whoofle=picture book. Whoofle=picture book.
    Happy writing!

    • Beth Hull · January 6, 2012

      I know next to nothing about what I’m writing, too, PB! Yup, the mom’s a committed stripper. And I’m aiming for comedy…we’ll have to see if it’s successful or not. I’ve never actually set out trying to be funny in my fiction. It feels weird.

      Anyway, thanks for the feedback, and the reminder of my Whoofle picture book!

  3. ^H (Sean) · January 7, 2012

    Where’s Areola from? Yes, this is important.

  4. Melissa Jackson · January 8, 2012

    Haha! My first reaction to “Areola” is ohemgee! No! But I think if she went by Ari, I could get used to it. Especially if the story is big on the funny. I can’t wait to read this thing!

    I’d have to agree that “Areola” in the title might be a little too much, though.

  5. Beth Hull · January 8, 2012

    Sean, she’s from the central valley (California).

    Melissa, I’m definitely thinking of changing the title to have just “Ari” instead of “Areola.” When it was a short story idea, I was totally okay with Areola in the title, but now that it’s novelizing itself…yeah. Thanks for the feedback!

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