Parenting and Productivity

Before I had Z, I considered myself fairly productive. I finished the first draft of a novel, which seemed like a pretty big deal at the time. It took me about two years.

After Z, I finished another novel draft in one year. My third one took about six months or so.

Today, just finished the first draft of my fourth novel, and it took less then three months. (It’s really really short, and really really horrible, but that’s what revision is for.)

So what I’m wondering is, am I more productive with the writing because I know how fleeting free time is, so I don’t waste it? Or is it that I’m “growing up” finally, and getting a little more self-disciplined? Or am I  a more effective writer, because of all the practice? Or all of those, or none?

And before you think I’m writing more because I’ve let housework fall by the wayside, no, I can assure you, I’ve always let housework fall by the wayside. (And I always will.) (Yes, that’s a promise.)

Does anyone else have experience with this – whether for you, or someone you know? More productive with kids, as unbelievable as it sounds?


  1. obiwannabe · February 15, 2012

    I don’t have any kids — except the fur-covered variety, but I’m always at my most productive when my schedule is crammed full.

    • Beth Hull · February 15, 2012

      Yeah, obiwannabe, it’s like it makes you focus more or something, huh? Thanks for chiming in!

  2. Vic · February 16, 2012

    Um, no, I am definitely less productive with kids!! Although, I put more effort into being more purposeful with how I spend my time since I have so little of it!!! I hardly watch TV anymore, I never go to the movies, I don’t read as much “brain candy” type novels as I used to, that sort of thing. So while I’m not getting more done, I do feel like I’m learning more than ever before.

    • Beth Hull · February 16, 2012

      Vic, I totally think that counts. I’m more productive with writing, because I’m being more purposeful with my time. The same goes for you – you’re more purposeful with your time, which means you’re more productive with learning, and nurturing your mind/heart/soul.

      At least, that’s what I think.

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