Welcome to my Crib

33 weeks pregnant.

[No image to share. Imagine, if you will, a bloated sea mammal.]

We’ve got the crib.

Yup, that's my storyboard tucked inside. I promise to move it before the baby comes.

Now it just needs a room.

What? The view from here is great! Kitchen in one direction, living room in the other, and BOOM. Books.

Perfect view for a budding bibliophile.

It’s a longer story than that, but I’ll try to make it short because honestly, I need a donut. Homes put the crib together in the living room because our teeny bedroom doesn’t have enough space for putting furniture together. And now the crib won’t fit through the doorway. Even with the door taken off. So here it rests, in the middle of this room-without-a-name (I call it the Third Room, but it is essentially a very wide hallway with books), until we rearrange the bedroom to make space for (re)assembling the crib.

Oh yeah, and the place where we were going to put it in our bedroom? It would give us approximately eleven inches to squeeze between it and our bed in order to reach the bathroom.

I purposefully bought a cheapie small IKEA crib because I didn’t want a freaking monstrosity taking up the nonexistent space in my house! (!!!!!!!!!!) (Yes, those are optional exclamation points. This way you can hear me shouting that sentence, or, if your ears are feeling strong, shrieking it while I grip the lapels of someone responsible and shake them until something changes or I collapse into either a) a coughing fit (yes I have another cold) or b) a set of false contractions.)


I better get me that donut, and fast.


  1. PB Rippey · March 14, 2012

    Well, I think it looks lovely right there. What better view than books, anyway. And it is a very nice crib, all white and cheerful! Okay, the truth is: I am still giggling. Sorry. Hope the donut is extra delicious.

    • Beth Hull · March 14, 2012

      PB, she who consumes the largest donut laughs last and loudest.

  2. Pat Kahn · March 14, 2012

    It’s definitely the perfect view. Leave the crib where it is. The important question is what kind of donut.

    • Beth Hull · March 14, 2012

      Cinnamon twist! Oh yeah!

      • Pat Kahn · March 14, 2012

        Yummmm. I’m a cinnamon addict.

  3. KSchroeder · March 17, 2012

    Have the new baby share a room with LO? That is what will happen with our next baby (some time in the future).
    Have you considered one of the playpens that only has the 3 sides and pulls right up to the bed? No extra walkway needed? Just crawl over each other to get into and out of bed. It makes bathroom visits a game of don’t wake up anybody, or you could play “everyone wake the h*** up and let me pee” game, which is always a blast.

    • Beth Hull · March 18, 2012

      Oh yeah, they’ll definitely end up sharing, just not right away. Our solution for now might be a little cradle next to our bed, and putting the crib in Z’s room. We’ll have to see. Either way, I think we’ll have to play the “everyone wake the h*** up” game. I’m so looking forward to that!

  4. Vic · March 25, 2012

    Kids have slept in all sorts of spaces & places – a hallway is probably just dandy! Our bedroom is something like 11 x 12 feet – very little extra space!! I used a bassinet on the side of our bed for the first 6 weeks & after that L slept in a crib in very close proximity to D. I say, whatever works! It really will go quickly – sleep, no sleep – either way, it’ll be the 2 of them in a room together before you know it!

    • Beth Hull · March 25, 2012

      Yes, the tiny bedroom’s a definite bummer. But you’re right: it’ll go quickly and we’ll have our room back (sorta) before we know it. 🙂

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