Friday Four – Ghost Blog Edition

1. This has become a ghost blog. Or it’s felt like that the past week, anyway. I didn’t consciously set out to ignore the internet and get so behind on everything, but it happened. I’m getting a little burnt out, I think (obviously: I’m too lazy to do a full Friday Five, so I’m abbreviating it to Friday Four). Not to mention, as soon as I sit down to do anything, I feel an overwhelming urge to take a nap.

2. That said, posts will probably be a little random (or not at all) over the next couple of months. You know, because of the BABY. He’s not out yet, but there isn’t much room left for him to grow in there. My skin is stretched to the breaking point, belly button is in a freakish flat-nearly-an-outtie stage. Maverick’s head is down, locked & loaded, ready to go. With so little time left, I want to focus on the more important things, like visiting with friends and family, reading lots of stories to Z, and revising my manuscript for the eleventeen-hundredth time. Oh, and napping.

3. The show “Hoarders” is really effing with my nesting instincts. I don’t usually watch reality television of any kind, but for some reason I find myself repeatedly sucked in by “Hoarders,” often when Homes isn’t around to make snarky comments about my viewing habits. It’s really hard to want to collect things for Maverick, and revel in the onesies I so cleverly/tightfistedly/hoardingly saved from when Z was a baby, when I see mentally ill people making similar decisions about tax books from 1998 and bags full of unworn clothing and five-year-old containers of yogurt. I’m compensating by throwing out old magazines, but I usually flip through them first, which puts me into another, yes, NAP.

4. Maggie tagged me with this Lucky 7 Meme, and it sounded like fun.

Open your novel-in-progress and do the following:

  • Go to page 77.
  • Go to line 7.
  • Copy down the next 7 lines, sentences, or paragraphs as they are written.
  • Tag 7 new authors. [I’m not doing this step, because I’m a (lazy) jerk. But if you’re a writer, feel free to  post your lines in the comments below. Or if you prefer, put them in a blog post of your own and link to it in the comments.]

Here are some lines from my newest work-in-progress:

After we find my van and Kyle finds my keys in my purse and gets me settled in the passenger’s seat, I chatter to him the whole way to my house. I have no idea what I’m talking about, but he’s a really good listener.

“Is your mom or dad home?” he asks.

“Yeah, my mom.”

“Will she be mad that you’re sloshed?”

“Nope.” [In the interest of parallelism, I very much wish this excerpt ended in the word Nap. “Nope” is close, but not quite it, so I will just have to cheat.] Nap.


  1. PB Rippey · April 6, 2012

    Beth, you are hysterically funny at this amazing, possibly-any-second breaking point! “Hoarders”??? OMG (spoken w/Valley Girl lilt). Luckily pregnancy comes with so many built-in givens,like: hoarding IS nesting, and/or hoarding is NESTING. And: Ice cream rules and that’s okay(except when passing In N Out). Maggie’s suggestion in #4 is what every OBGYN should order their patients to do, especially in their 9th month. PS. I have boy clothing I’d be happy to pass along, in great shape, very cute, although possibly sweat-house made (gifts, you can’t control the gifts!). PPS. Love the novel excerpt. Prepare, World! She’s coming (and so is he). Anticipating whatever posts you muster between naps. PPPS. I watched Grey’s Anatomy in my 9th month. Not a good idea as Addison was still on the show then—what was I thinking? Oh, I wasn’t. I was pregnant.

    • Beth Hull · April 6, 2012

      PB, I know, “Hoarders.” My guilty secret. And ice cream! I eat it nightly, just before my vitamins. Sometimes while watching horrible reality television.

      Thanks for loving my novel excerpt. I cringe to put first-draft fiction material anywhere online, but figure it’s so out of context it shouldn’t matter much, right?

      Grey’s Anatomy? I certainly won’t judge. *cough*Hoarders*cough*

      • Beth Hull · April 6, 2012

        Oh, and PB, I’ll take any hand-me-downs. If nothing else, to prevent you from feeling like a Hoarder.

  2. Anthony Lee Collins · April 6, 2012

    Well, being sloshed is another condition that can lead to unscheduled naps. So, there is a parallel there. 🙂

    • Beth Hull · April 6, 2012

      Ha! That’s true, Anthony!

      I visited your blog to check out your meme, and tried to leave a comment, but it wouldn’t let me (?!). Anyway, I love that you changed the font size to end up on a different page, because I was TOTALLY TEMPTED TO DO THAT. I ended up not, mostly out of laziness. But still, enjoyed your sample & just wanted to say so. Maybe I’ll figure out the commenting later.

  3. readingisdelicious · April 11, 2012

    Somehow I missed this post. I can’t believe you’re ready to asplode soon! This seemed to happen so fast. And then there’s Shaz, ready to go soon, too. So many bebbies. Napping sounds good. I would like to nap. However I have discovered Draw Something, and am a total addict.

  4. Vic · April 13, 2012

    I was actually happy when I finally had time to open my Reader just now & see that I’ve only missed 1 blog post from you!! I am finding little to no time to post anything lately & even less time to read other’s blogs. 😦 Rest assured, while everything else will change soon & soon enough, the desire to nap (sadly) will NOT! Enjoy these last days (weeks??) & I can’t wait to see that little stinker’s face! 🙂

  5. Beth Hull · April 16, 2012

    Readingisdelicious, I don’t want to hear about any new addictive thingies. I’ll pretend you didn’t say anything about Draw Something. Am NOT going to Google it or ask any further questions.

    Vic, I actually am enjoying these last days…er, mostly. And I think it’s days, not weeks, but who really knows? I’m at 38 weeks now. Would really like to go to a writing conference on Saturday, so I’m hoping to see him sometime AFTER that. 🙂

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