Postpartum Barbie

My little Maverick is one month old.

I can’t help but compare him to Z when she was an infant. And it isn’t fair to either of them. But briefly:


It’s harder in many ways. Juggling two little people instead of one. Trying to get Maverick to sleep when Z’s running around the house. Making Mom-and-Z time so Z doesn’t feel left out.

But this baby actually sleeps on his own, and when he cries he doesn’t sound pissed off like Z did.

Summer will be a whole other animal – Z won’t be in school and I’ll have them both. Together. All. Day. Long. But I have a couple more weeks of just me and my little dude during the day, and I plan to enjoy them.


  1. Pat Kahn · May 23, 2012


  2. PB Rippey · May 23, 2012

    Good to hear from you and: Gasp! PPBarbie is beautiful! So glad Maverick is sleeping. Looking forward to future posts on parent-of-two-ing it.

  3. sevennblue · May 24, 2012

    Love that pic of the barbie with the stubble! ha ha ha! Sounds like you are doing great! Just like a pro at two babies now!

  4. Beth Hull · May 31, 2012

    PB, I hope I can make more time for blogging soon! I miss it. And Seven…not so sure about my “professional” status. Just now arguing with Maverick about where he’s supposed to sleep…

  5. Vic · June 9, 2012

    I can’t even tell you how loud I laughed when I pulled up this post – hahahahah – LOOOOVE the hairy legs. Good drawing! 🙂 Glad to hear Little Mav is a sleeper!!!!

    • Beth Hull · June 11, 2012

      Thanks, Vic! I worried the hairy legs were too disgusting, but hey, I gotta paint it like it is. 🙂

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