Silver by Talia Vance

Disclaimer: Yes, I am friends with the author. Guess what – it’s still an awesome book!

The set-up: Brianna has always been invisible and has a pretty compelling scientific theory as to why: bum pheromones. She tests this theory on her crush, Blake, who has been introduced to her at least six times and never remembers her.

Main character’s goals: At first, Brianna just wants to be seen. Then, as her heritage is slowly revealed to her, she wouldn’t mind going back to hiding. That wouldn’t make for a very good story, though – Brianna  is way too cool to sit back and let things go on without her. She – and Blake – are in the middle of a centuries-old feud, and when you toss in immortals with medieval weaponry, I’d say survival is her main goal.

My reaction: Sexy. This is the best kind of paranormal romance – a unique, killer concept mixed with the kind of love (and make-out sessions) that sweep you off your feet.

Also, the dialogue and the action just…flow. It’s fast-paced, and hilariously funny at times, and has tons of heart.

Of interest to writers: The tension! Silver‘s got it. Even my second time reading this book, it was still a page-turner. Also, study those one-liners – both the ones in dialogue, and in Brianna’s thoughts. Donald Maass advises writers to have their characters say things we wish we could say, and I totally wish I had Brianna’s wit. Great lines…I’m not sure if I can improve my own one-liners by studying Talia’s, but at least I smile while I’m studying.

And next time I need to write an action scene? I’m looking to this book for some good models.

Bottom line: Refreshing yet hot at the same time.

To visit Talia Vance’s website, click here.

Reminds me of: Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. Spunky, powerful heroine and awesome action.


  1. readingisdelicious · October 12, 2012

    Oh, I see you say it’s funny. I like funny. Adding to my library list.

    • Beth Hull · October 12, 2012

      Yes, do! She’s got some awesome one-liners in there. (And, you know, the rest of the book is good, too. 🙂 )

  2. PB Rippey · October 12, 2012

    I agree, the action scenes are EXCELLENT, so well written. How did she do that??? Love it when I can ask that about a book’s author—means I’m engrossed in the reading.

    • PB Rippey · October 12, 2012

      PS. Great photo of you, Beth!

      • Beth Hull · October 12, 2012

        Thanks! And actually it was your email that really got me thinking of how well done the action scenes are – before that I hadn’t noticed, maybe because it seemed so effortless on Talia’s part.

  3. Talia Vance · October 13, 2012

    Thanks Beth for the awesome review! And PB, I’m glad you liked the action scenes. They are tough to write sometimes. So glad you enjoyed Silver 🙂

    • Beth Hull · October 13, 2012

      You’re welcome, Talia! I loved the book, had to tell the world!

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