18 Calming Things

If you have not yet experienced the calming, peaceful feeling of zen from summoning a calming manatee from a website found at, surprisingly enough, calmingmanatee.com, you should totally try it out. I love this site. It’s humorous and just one click gives me a little pick-me-up. There are, also, other calming things in my life, and this post is sort of the yang (or the yin?) to my post titled 14 Irritants.

  1. sleeping babies
  2. lullabies
  3. afternoon thunderstorms (sort of a paradox, but…yeah)
  4. couches
  5. blankets
  6. pillows
  7. purring cat
  8. silence
  9. shushing ocean
  10. velour sweatpants
  11. terrycloth robe
  12. best friend’s voice
  13. neck rub from husband
  14. Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food
  15. flannel sheets
  16. books
  17. The BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice

What do you find soothing?


  1. val · March 29, 2013

    You pulled me in with the photo of phish food ice cream…

    • Beth Hull · March 29, 2013

      Hee hee, and guess what I found in the freezer after lunchtime? My husband loves me. And obviously doesn’t care about my (nonexistent) waistline.

  2. Randi · March 29, 2013

    What about listening to a little Carpenters?

    • Beth Hull · March 30, 2013

      Calming for some, perhaps…crazymaking for others! 🙂

  3. ^H · March 29, 2013

    I’ve been filling my silence with music lately. Some stranger stuff, actually.

  4. Maggie · March 31, 2013

    Numbers 7 and 16. Except when purring cat starts looking for food and puts her litter-box paws on your face. 🙂

    • Beth Hull · April 4, 2013

      Yuck. And agreed. (Still thinking, “Ewwww….”)

  5. PB Rippey · March 31, 2013

    Oh! Phish Food! Yes! Thank you! And the lack of exclamation points in my writing. Very calming! Oops! Also Fleet Foxes. And Beethoven’s 3rd, in which I see horses leaping over fences in manner of counting sheep.

    • Beth Hull · April 4, 2013

      I can stand to lose a few exclamation points, too! But sometimes it’s so extremely fun to go overboard. (!!!!!!!!!!)

  6. Vicki Tremper · April 1, 2013

    Aw, so sweet. For me, silence in which to read is calming. An empty house. As for Ben & Jerry’s flavors, I’d say Chunky Monkey and Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. Yummmmmm!

    • Beth Hull · April 4, 2013

      Ooh, Coffee Heath Bar Crunch is another of my favorites!

      Also, yes, an empty house – because it leads to that silence I so cherish (unless the neighbor’s dogs are barking…but I’m not thinking about that because it is NOT calming).

  7. Stacey · April 3, 2013

    Like this so much, I’m inspired to make my own list. . .

    • Beth Hull · April 4, 2013

      I hope you share it so I can read it, too!

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