Off to Los Angeles

Okay, so now the time travel aspect of this post is even MORE confusing, because I forgot to post it. But I can’t have my gorgeous artwork NOT go up. Besides, my brain is still exploding (mostly in a good way) from all the inspiration and information I soaked up at the LA conference.

Below is what I meant to post last Friday, and forgot….

Well, I’m writing this in advance & scheduling it to post because RIGHT NOW (I mean, in the future, sorta) I am at the SCBWI Summer Conference in LA!

This is the first time I’ve been away from Maverick overnight. (I know, sad, isn’t it?) He’ll be fine, in the capable hands of Homes and Gran. I wonder how I’m holding up (that’s me, in the past, writing about the future except I’m writing this right NOW. Is this how writers feel when they write time travel books? I could never do this, whether in the past, present, or future).

Anyway. I made Z and Maverick each a book about me being gone. They’re in such capable hands that I don’t want them to forget all about me. I did a book for Z last time I went to LA, but she’s older now so she gets a new one. (You can click the image to enlarge it; otherwise it’s too faint to read.)

I Love You Mav 2013 Excerpt I Love You Z 2013 Excerpt

Next week, a general report on my experience as a first-time international SCBWI conference attendee.

And, of course, a report on the awesome restaurants DChan takes me to.


  1. Vicki R. · August 9, 2013

    I think your kid-lit books are so great! I bet those things will be treasured forever. 🙂 looking forward to hearing more about the conference!

    • Beth Hull · August 9, 2013

      Thanks, Vicki! I had such a great time – I’ll post some of the highlights next Friday!

  2. Randi · August 9, 2013

    Not so sure about the capable hands part…regarding me, but all I know is that I had a wonderful time with the two Zs.

    • Beth Hull · August 10, 2013

      You were very capable! They barely knew I was gone! Come baaaaack!

      • Stacey · August 10, 2013

        SO happy we connected! *hug!*

        • Beth Hull · August 12, 2013

          Me, too! It was so much fun! Also, you’ve got some cool writing buddies!

  3. jamieweilhealthcoach · August 11, 2013

    Ah, man, QS! Wish I could have been there for your first. Seems like just yesterday you were putting Roseville on your Christmas list and now look at you–all growed up! Can’t wait to hear the highlights. (Obviously the Saturday night dance was one, right?!)

    • Beth Hull · August 12, 2013

      The dance was fun, but the keynotes were the best part. So inspirational, I wish I could’ve bottled it up to soak up in batches over the next year.

  4. PB Rippey · August 11, 2013

    Lamination, hairspray, shellac, whatever you have to do to keep the “Z”s books preserved, you must do it. What a wonderful idea! I am going to steal it. PS. So good to finally meet. Fab on!

    • Beth Hull · August 12, 2013

      I loved our chat, PB – wish it could have gone on longer!
      Hairspray as a book preserver. I never would’ve thunk. But now I’m thinking… You’re right, though. We should take care of them. (Now where’d they end up while I was gone?)

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