Flu Shots

Z’s giving “flu shots” during her quiet play time. I mentioned that we need to go get them done this week, and she got a little apprehensive. You know the routine. “I don’t want a shot. I don’t need a flu shot. Why do we get flu shots?” And then, typically, flu shots show up in her imaginary play with her stuffed friends and dolls. Husband is home, and she just roped him into playing “flu shot” with her.

Z: Are you ready? Ask about the flu shot.

Husband: So what’s the story with these flu shots?

Husband: OW!

Z: Sorry.

Husband: That really hurt. Z, you need to be gentle. And flu shots don’t go in your head.

Ever-Suffering Mother: (unsuccessfully attempts to hold back laughter)

That’s all. I had no idea what to write. In fact, I’ve been playing stinking solitaire for the past hour, waiting for an idea to manifest itself between the Eight of Hearts and the Seven of Spades. Never happened. But now I can make fun of my husband’s pain so it all worked out, didn’t it?

Writer’s Group

One of my favorite Z stories is how she asked me to play picnic with her one morning. She’d arranged all the plastic and wooden “food” on a blanket on the floor, and she’d enlisted a plastic Lego box for a little table. So I came in and sat down on the floor, thinking I was doing her a huge favor, taking time from cleaning to be a part of this picnic.

I said, “Okay, here I am! I’m ready for the picnic!”

She picked up a throw pillow, set it on her lap, and pretended to type. Then she said, “Just a minute, I have to do something on my computer.”

Color me sheepish.

Our "computers." They never get viruses or need updates. In fact, the green one still works after Z's diaper leaked on it, although it is a bit lumpy from the washing machine.

Another time, I was rushing to get a plate of vegetables together to bring to a potluck/schmooze for SCBWI. Z informed me that she was going to her own writer’s group, and she was bringing marshmallows.

And today, she asked me if I wanted to go to writer’s group with her. Of course I said yes. So I had to get in our “car” (the couch) and let her drive us there (after closing the car doors and buckling up our safety belts first). Then we got out. She gave me a throw pillow, and took one for herself, and we “typed.” I asked her what she was writing, and she said, “How are you, Boo BOO!” She asked me what I was writing, and I told her I was writing about Owly Fowly (Owly Fowly is a character we made up together, who features in many of our stories).

Then we got back into our car, buckled up and closed the doors, and Z drove us home.

Someday, maybe we’ll be in a real writer’s group together. But for now, this is real enough.