Flu Shots

Z’s giving “flu shots” during her quiet play time. I mentioned that we need to go get them done this week, and she got a little apprehensive. You know the routine. “I don’t want a shot. I don’t need a flu shot. Why do we get flu shots?” And then, typically, flu shots show up in her imaginary play with her stuffed friends and dolls. Husband is home, and she just roped him into playing “flu shot” with her.

Z: Are you ready? Ask about the flu shot.

Husband: So what’s the story with these flu shots?

Husband: OW!

Z: Sorry.

Husband: That really hurt. Z, you need to be gentle. And flu shots don’t go in your head.

Ever-Suffering Mother: (unsuccessfully attempts to hold back laughter)

That’s all. I had no idea what to write. In fact, I’ve been playing stinking solitaire for the past hour, waiting for an idea to manifest itself between the Eight of Hearts and the Seven of Spades. Never happened. But now I can make fun of my husband’s pain so it all worked out, didn’t it?


  1. readingisdelicious · October 5, 2011

    I am loling at my desk right now. Sorry, ESM’s Husband.

    • Beth Hull · October 5, 2011

      I just told him the post was about his pain. He doesn’t sound too happy about being featured here. He was less happy about getting inoculated in the head, though.

  2. thegracefuldoe · October 5, 2011

    When my son was at hospital earlier this year he had to get blood taken, so of course as soon as he got home he pulled out his play doctor’s kit and was taking blood from everyone (toys and human). We’re lucky with him that he’s never been worried about getting needles, and so far Miss Moo has been fine with them as well (she has to get a booster shot in the next couple of weeks, first needle since she was 18 months, so we’ll see how she goes). If Z’s a bit worried and you can find it, there’s a book called ‘Elmo goes to the doctor’ that might be helpful. In it Elmo is worried about getting a shot, so it talks through that apprehension and Elmo finding out it’s not so bad.

    Hope you won your game of Solitaire!

    • Beth Hull · October 5, 2011

      Oh yeah! We read that Elmo book! It was ages ago. Z always had trouble with going to the doctor. Screamed every single time. So I got her a play doctor’s kit and found every picture book about doctors I could find.

      Last time she went to the doctor, I got her the Berenstain Bears doctor book, and she LOVES it. It shows Brother and Sister Bear feeling worried and then everything working out in the end (of course).

  3. PB Rippey · October 5, 2011

    Well, you may not have known what to write, but I’m glad you wrote this. I had a good laugh (at others’ expense—expenses?—never mind). We have a dr/shot kit, too. It came in very handy for our flu shot last month. I didn’t like going to the dr. as a child, but my son takes it to a level I never knew. Will try the BBears book, definitely.

    • Beth Hull · October 7, 2011

      Yeah, let me know if the book helps your son! It seemed to help Z. We even brought it to the doctor’s office with us to refer to during the visit.

  4. Vic · October 9, 2011

    That made me laugh out loud – hahahha – he’s a very patient daddy 🙂

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