Friday Five, I’m Still Alive

1. I wish I could blame my bloggy-slackiness on a crashing laptop. But that happened just yesterday, & I’ve gone a month of Fridays with no posts. So I’ll blame something else. Summer! The heat! Too many good books to read! No imagination! Take your pick. It’s a buffet, so have a little of each if you like.

2. Homes surprised me with a car stereo for our anniversary. The CD player had been broken for about three years, so it was a huge surprise to get in the car on Wednesday and have Daft Punk (old stuff, not new stuff) blast from the speakers. A huge & awesome surprise! (A little Daft Punk goes a long ways for me, and it’s been switched out with pouty Lana del Rey, and some oldschool Cake. Next up is Sublime because summer isn’t complete without that. Then some Black Keys, then some Florence + the Machine…the drive to & from Z’s summer session just got SO much more fun!)

3. Plugging away at my surfing novel and trying to ignore the rat novel. It’s frustrating because I want to fix all the things in both stories, like, RIGHT NOW, but am limited by Maverick’s naptimes and my own mother-of-a-habitual-five-a.m.-waker-upper fatigue.

4. I should just do Friday Threes, because I run out of steam before I hit Four. Scrambling for something to say. So.

5. Books! I can always talk about books! Some new favorites: Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson (protagonist I love to love, antagonists I love to hate, and PERFECT balance of historical detail to story), Strands of Bronze and Gold by Jane Nickerson (creepy! Gothic! Just really…fun, & well-written to boot), Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys (seriously one of my favorite books of ALL TIME), The Lucy Variations by Sara Zarr (love the piano, love a main character who is a tad harder to like than your average main character), Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie (much creepier than Disney, and no, I’d never read it). And that is all, happy Friday.

The Summer Gift Fairy

It’s 8:56 a.m. and the Summer Gift Fairy has struck again.

She left a little prezzie for Z on the front step, this one in a purple-paisley-embossed box with a sparkly note attached, reading,

Dear Z,

Do you believe in fairies yet?

I hope you’re having a good summer!


The Summer Gift Fairy

P.S. I live in a tree!

Her last missive’s postscript revealed that she has blue and silver wings.

Every time she hits our doorstep, I get to watch Z’s excitement. Every time I say, “Oh, that prezzie could be for Maverick,” but every time Z shakes her head. She knows the prezzie’s for her. Her joy is my joy.

What’s striking to me is that each gift gifted by the Summer Gift Fairy can be used in some way. I’m not saying the Summer Gift Fairy’s all about work, and projects, and KEEPING AN ACTIVE ALMOST-FOUR-YEAR-OLD BUSY WHILE HER MOM SLOWLY LOSES HER MIND, but the possibility’s there. Today’s gift was three new shapes to be used with perler beads. If that isn’t quiet, busy work, I don’t know what is.

I love that Summer Gift Fairy.

I also love that she doesn’t have any pattern. Each day has the possibility of a gift, but Z isn’t expecting gifts. She’s just delighted when they happen to arrive.

Now if only the Summer Gift Fairy would gift me with some good sleep and quiet time.