Here We Go Again

I have, once again, joined the Sisterhood of the Maternity Pants.

While I think it’s pretty evident to everyone who has glimpsed, even out of their peripheral vision, the protrusion of gut-stuffed-with-child swelling my middle, I feel that I should just come clear. It’s either this, or I gripe about how drivers using turn signals in traffic seems to be going the way of bows and curtsies.

So. Here it is. I’m pregnant.

Frequently-asked Questions of Pregnant Women, Which I Shall Answer Here

  • When is the baby due? May 2nd.
  • Will you find out if it’s a girl or a boy? Yes. The appointment for that ultrasound is in December.
  • Does Z know? How does she feel about it? She knows, and she’s super-excited. She’d been asking for a little brother or sister, since most of her friends have them. She might be viewing siblings as noisy accessories. I forgot to tell her there’s no return policy.
  • Do you want a boy or a girl? Since I have a girl, I think I’d like a boy, although it really doesn’t matter.
  • Do you have a name picked out already? Nope.
  • How are you feeling? Pretty crappy for the most part, and tired. But I think the nausea is lessening.
  • Any cravings/aversions? Usually I’m a sugar-fiend, but I don’t want that so much – I’d rather have salty things. Like french fries. Every day. Most of my fun/allowance money is supporting the fast food industry right now. Way to help that growing brain! Also, I don’t want to look at a zucchini right now. Or ever again.
  • You’re huge. Are you having twins? No.

If there’s anything I missed, feel free to ask.

So, we’re very happy, although I’d be lying if I said there were no mixed feelings on my part. Finally I’ve gotten my free mornings for writing, and that’s all going to end in a few months. But I managed to write two novel-length manuscripts in the three years before Z started preschool, so I’m sure I’ll adapt to whatever insane writing schedule I need after the baby comes. And besides! Soft little person to get to know! Sweet milky baby breath! Adorable tiny shoes!