The Unsung Clarkie Underfoot

A Wednesday Momming Around Entry


Don’t sit down. Especially with a blanket and a book or notebook. This cat has Couch Radar and she knows when your lap is easy game. Even the dinner table and the desk are fair hunting grounds for her. Your lap is her prey and she is a skilled huntress.

Clarkie (Clark) is my other baby, and she will never allow herself to be forgotten (you’ll feel the prick of her paw on your face in the morning, or trip over her as you prepare breakfast). Since Z made her screaming way into our lives, though, Clarkie has been shuffled off to the side in a classic case of Forgotten Older Sibling. Has anyone read Socks by Beverly Cleary? Because that’s what I think of sometimes with Clark, and it makes me very sad.

We feel bad for her, especially now that Z is on the move. It used to be that we’d drag a toy mouse on a stick over the bed for her to chase, or toss paper balls around the house. Now Z runs after Clark, an old paper ball held in her sticky, outstretched hand. Screaming. And Clarkie just trots in the other direction. Quickly. I can see a martyred expression on Clark’s face. I think she’s grateful that she is unable to have children, and a little resentful that we did.

Everything Zen in the Tibetan Singing Bowl

Now that Z takes one long nap instead of three excruciatingly short ones, Clark has found my lap again. As I type this she’s tucked into  my sweatshirt, twitching her ear occasionally, but I can tell she’s happy. Ah yes, there’s a purr.

And yeah, she’s obnoxious sometimes. When it was especially difficult to get Z down for her nap for awhile, Clark would wander into Z’s room, meowing loudly. It was like she had Spidey (Kitty) Sense that Z’s eyes were closing, and she just had to foil my hard work. Punishment for spawning. I could read the vengeance in Clarkie’s eyes.

Clarkie is infuriating in some ways, and we have to be, you know, responsible for her, and clean up her poop and make sure she’s fed. But she’s soft, and cute, and so full of love and joy, and she makes us laugh. So really, she isn’t that different from Z.

*   *   *

Writing update:
No longer rushing to finish revisions. These things take time, and I don’t want to ruin chances with this Dream Agent by sending anything less than my very very best.


  1. Dana · April 14, 2010

    I love these pictures of my baby. Especially the bowl. I didn’t know she did that!

    • bethhull · April 14, 2010

      Clarkie misses you too. She told me so at 3 a.m. this morning. 🙂

  2. Randi · April 14, 2010

    I really never thought the day would come when your camera memory card had more pictures of someone or something other than Clark!

    • bethhull · April 14, 2010

      Who says we have more pictures of Z than Clark? Okay, fine, we DO have more pictures of Z. Maybe I’ll work on more Clark photos.

  3. Dana · April 17, 2010

    I hope you are having fun at your conference. I stole the Clarkie Zen picture and it is now my new wallpaper!

    • bethhull · April 18, 2010

      Conference was good! I’ll try to do a recap either via email to you or here on the blog. I’m glad you like the Clarkie Zen photo.

  4. Vicki R. · April 26, 2010

    Love the Zen picture – sweet!

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