How I Got My Agent, Part Dos

The first part of the story is here.

Writer friend PB Rippey assured me last Friday’s post was not too detailed on the finding-an-agent topic. So I shall soldier on.

The next day Brandi and I spoke on the phone, and she was just as enthusiastic as she’d been in her email. She shared her ideas for revision, which I liked, and asked about my plans for the sequel. Whoops. Other than some scrawled brainstorming in my diary, I had no plans. But she took that in stride, and listened to my incoherent babbling about the brainstorming.

Actually, my diary looks way worse.

I asked for a week to let the other open queries know about her offer so they could make their decisions. I was thinking the agent who’d given me the revise & resubmit request might offer. Alas, it was during BEA, and that agent was too busy to read my revisions. She also didn’t ask for more time, which makes me think she might have been less enthusiastic about my book, and enthusiasm is a big piece of the Agent Pie – I want someone who loves my book so much they just can’t wait.

Brandi gave me two references, and both of them raved about her. (You can meet one of them, Oksana Marafioti, in her interview here.)

By the middle of the week, I was convinced Brandi was the one, and I got a little cranky waiting to hear back from the last two agents because I just wanted to email Brandi right away to say yes. But I’m kind of a rule-follower, and if I tell someone they have a week, I feel like I ought to give them the whole week.

Finally, it was time! I took a deep breath, drafted an email to Brandi, proofread it maybe a dozen times (I proofread nearly everything, but missives to agents get multiple proofreads, and sometimes need to be vetted by author friends before being sent. I am nothing if not paranoid careful).

So now we’re working together! Brandi promised a list of edits by the beginning of July, and by golly, she sent them. And they’re great – really making my book stronger. While I think about her questions I’m getting tons of ideas for the next book (yeah, more scribbling in my diary), so this is working.

I’m working. Even with the little tiny baby and the preschooler with me all day. The minutes I steal during not-so-quiet playtime are precious, and then when it’s time to get back to momming, I get back to it, refreshed and ready to read “The Twelve Dancing Princesses” and Babybug magazine all over again.

Revision notes – mine, not Brandi’s.

Yes, getting an agent is only part of the road to publication. There’re more challenges to come. But finding an agent – and not just any agent, but one I chose two years ago – is a dream made real.


Not enough success story? You can head over to Miss Snark’s First Victim and see yet one more iteration there. Because the fun never ends! (Actually, I think that’s all. Until Brandi sells my book.)


  1. PB Rippey · July 18, 2012

    Fascinating! Good for you for sticking by the rules. I love the joyous writing vivre-ish experience you’re experiencing from receiving edits. Right on! And, honestly, your drawings kill me, every single post. Happy continued productivity as the adventure continues and Book 2 sails in! (sorry, was up until midnight, am a little groggy…but sentiment is here, I promise!).

    • PB Rippey · July 18, 2012

      Ooookay–“experience you’re experiencing”–coffee, please.

      • Beth Hull · July 18, 2012

        Thanks, PB! Glad you enjoy the details.

        And “experience you’re experiencing.” It works! I understood!

  2. Becky · July 18, 2012

    I’m so excited for you…and Brandi! I’m amazed at your dedication to working and momming at the same time. So awesome!

    • Beth Hull · July 18, 2012

      Becky, the working & momming looks better through the eyes of the blog post. The reality…not so graceful. But I’m definitely enjoying it!

  3. readingisdelicious · July 18, 2012

    I missed the 1st post ’cause of SDCC! So I’m glad you posted a part 2, so I could read the whole story. So exciting. I can’t wait to go to a future SDCC and see you up there with a bunch of other YA authors in your genre. *starry eyed*

    • Beth Hull · July 18, 2012

      That would be SO COOL. But I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Still. SDCC. Me. You. Awesome.

  4. Randi · July 19, 2012

    Don’t let her fool you…she does it gracefully! Of course, I am biased! Proud of you, Beth!

    • Beth Hull · July 19, 2012

      You are biased, Randi (MOM!), but that’s what moms are for. Love you!

  5. Vicki Tremper · July 20, 2012

    Congratulations! And good luck in the next step of your journey. Thanks for stopping by my blog. (BTW, how did you find me?) It’s always great to meet another mom-turned writer!

    • Beth Hull · July 20, 2012

      I found you through MSFV – you commented on my success story over there, so I wanted to say hello!

      • Vicki Tremper · July 20, 2012

        That’s so nice of you! Thanks for following my blog. I’ve added your feed to my Google Reader.

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