Friday Five

1. I made my first green smoothie yesterday, thanks to advice from my BFF K-Joy! It was a beginner’s green smoothie, with spinach, banana, and lots of blueberries. Actually quite tasty. Maverick loved it. Z loved it until she heard that I put spinach in there. I’ll make another one tomorrow. Wonder if Z will believe me when I say the green color comes from candy?

2. The YA Muses recently gave their website a “mindblowing” overhaul with a gorgeous redesign by Lia Keyes. They also expanded their ranks to include six New Muses, and I’m thrilled to be one of them. My first post went up last week. It was fairly straightforward to write a post talking about myself (although, yes, terrifying). But even worse is next week, when I’m supposed to write something about character. I think I’ve mentioned here before that I shy away from giving advice on craft because I am hardly an expert and have no street cred whatsoever. But I have to figure out something, and soon. It’s probably bad form to find a guest-poster for my first craft post…but I’m tempted.

3. What is it about kids and how no matter what one kid has, the other one wants it?

Never mind. I don’t think it’s just kids who do this.

4. Last week we had four excellent entries in Colonel Shifty’s Haiku Made Easy query critique/poem giveaway! I’ve decided to select more than one winner. In fact, we’ve got four winners. PB Rippey, Randi (AKA my mom), Myrna Foster, and Jamie Weil! Congratulations! I’ll be in touch to find out if you want a query critique or a poem.

5. A Shiny New Idea came to me the other day, giving me some energy & extra motivation to finish up the books I’m working on now. Once again, my Shiny New Idea is about something I know laughably little about. I think that’s part of the fun, though – exploring something so new that I start by borrowing children’s books on the topic. (Apologies to any local kids who need to do book reports on that subject anytime soon. I just cleared a shelf out of the library.)


  1. Myrna Foster · August 30, 2013

    Oh! I just started something new on Monday. Good luck with your new Shiny!

    • Beth Hull · August 30, 2013

      Thanks, and same to you! It’s such a heady place to be – I love this stage in the process.

  2. jamieweilhealthcoach · September 1, 2013

    Green Skittles? Will Z believe green Skittles? Hey, thanks for the winning vote, Beth! Can’t wait to see my poem. (And I’m glad you let your mom win, too!)

    • Beth Hull · September 1, 2013

      Green Skittles – good idea! Although she might be more into M&Ms…takes after me with the love affair with chocolate.

  3. PB Rippey · September 5, 2013

    Great about the SNI! As for the post on character, maybe don’t worry about street cred and give a report from the trenches, where experience truly begins. I love the characters in your short story in Bourbon Penn, BTW. You know what you’re doing. PS. I find that extra blueberries help hide the green color. Enough so Taylor will drink it, anyway!

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